I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.
While this might sound like a normal thing to most, I’ve been pretty much glued to a computer since I was about 15, when I learned I could draw dumb stuff and write bad techno on one. So, roughly 1/2 of my life I have been working on my screen-tan.

Having said that, I now look for any reason to NOT use a computer. I’ve started purchasing tapes (yes, audio cassettes) to not load up iTunes, practiced like a madman with acrylic to use real-life illustrator (aka my hands/brushes/paint), and have been shooting instant film in all forms to drop the DSLR.

While it probably is a bit hypocritical to say that and then jump on my laptop to write this blog post, I feel like its more of a sense of balance than total change. “The grass is always greener on the other side” is a commonly tossed around phrase, but I feel like not shooting for the other side, but standing right in the middle. Seems like the grass would be best there.

Going from instant film to actual roll film has been a bit weird. I never shot film growing up, truth be told the want to shoot “good” photos only really came into my life about 3-4 years ago. My girlfriend Ducky purchased a superheadz slim angel for me, so I tried it out with some 200 iso film.
Lots of mistakes and out of focus photos, but I still love the feel and look of a crappy plastic lens.
I would probably completely disregard the same shots with my dslr, but for some reason on actual film, they’re great.

…. Also, apparently I love shooting from my van.


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