For the last dessert themed art show, not only did I do a print (which you can purchase by clicking on the new and improved SHOP link on your left!) I also painted a big canvas. Since so much of my stuff is done digitally, I really wanted to go all out with some hand made art.
I sketched out some concepts and stuck with making an ice cream burger.

The original drafting pencil and ink sketch. After inking to where I liked it, I scanned/printed onto a transparency.

I pencil in the general lines onto the canvas, and begin mixing paints.

Fill in starts,.. which is the most time consuming. It takes a lot of little layers to get the colors looking good.

Black outlines start, and stippling details. I freaking love stippling.

It takes a pretty long time to get the lines down the way i’d like them to be. More details, add in fill.
Though it seems like it didn’t take long, it was about 3 weeks of on and off work.

“burrr ger”, 48×48″, acrylic paint on canvas.

ps, way worth the time invested.

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