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happy 2014, lets start with a contest!

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If you missed Agenda Tradeshow Long Beach where Basecamp asked me to live paint their booth, never fear: I'm giving away some t shirts from the event. 2 lucky people will be chosen at random next monday and ill ship them a neon sign all seeing burger shirt and whatever other goodies I have around. Contest closes next monday (January 20th), so get in there while ya can! good luck!
This contest expired.

Contest Rules & Disclaimer

fine print stuff: T shirts will be shipped to mailing addresses in the U.S only (blame the post office for being expensive). Only one entry per person. Be nice to your mom. Eat all pizza.



benjie for base camp @ agenda long beach.

more photos at base camp’s site!


post card series


post card 001, 2013. Watercolor and ink on paper postcard.

After experimenting with a new style of laying out art, I wanted to share new works with the small audience i’ve amassed through the internet. Instead of the usual “post something on a tumblr, wait for reblogs” manner of doing this, I wanted to show these in a slightly different manner, to unplug (even if for a moment) from the computer.

I’d like to mail these out (free of charge), via the U.S post office, with the stipulation that the receiver will photograph the piece in the exact state it was delivered. End goal will be a before and after photo, from finished art to postcard at your place of residence. Don’t worry, all your info will be blurred out.

If you want to participate, email your name and mailing address to:

I have 10 available total, if you were one of the 1st 10 to respond you will get a confirmation email on Tuesday, September 24th.

thanks : )


Illustrations Vol. 1 recap

The opening night of “illustrations Vol. 1″ at Slow Culture Highland Park went off without a hitch, with tons of new and old friends dropping by to see everyones work. I was (and still am) excited to paint the intro wall, as I am trying to paint as large scale as possible these days…



.. but was equally pleased with the way my new serigraph print (which is available on my webstore now!) came out, especially when adding my drip pattern to the 1st 10 then framing and hanging them.




If youre in the Los Angeles Area, you can drop by Slow Culture Gallery and see it for yourself, the show will be up for a few more weeks.

photos by


bnj_sep022013_00come through if youre in the area : )



and heres a little sneak peek…..





so much….



Have been keeping busy (opening up a gallery, slow culture, with some friends, doing some rad new freelance, making pottietang inspired art for gallery 1988,  printing zines, making new product, keeping #stayweirdforever going, sounding like a jerk in interviews), but am realizing i’m losing touch of why I left my day job: ART. I have some stuff in the works (actual personal art projects, which have been rare) that I can’t wait to share, and will be posting up some process videos. Thank you to everyone who has supported me (both by picking up product or just sending a friendly email), I hope the next slew of blog-junk is as enjoyable to you as it is to me.
(also, I had no idea I shot that photo of my shoes, found it in my phone. I was trying to shoot a photo of a cool cargo aerostar van. Well, cool to me.)


more burgers!


That W.I.P from a few posts down is finally all done! Made a small batch of these T shirts. Instead of going the usual thick bulty t shirt route, these are a little slimmer, a little lighter, and a lot softer. I went with discharge ink instead of plastisol, which in non print-nerd talk means its not heavy ink and actually breathes.

Check it out with the SHOP link on your left, thanks for all your support!


quickie process!

Quick GIf detailing steps for this flyer I put together for Tittsworth.
It’s pretty nice to have someone say “go nuts” on a design.

sketchbook/drafting pencils/graphite/illustrator cs5.



merchy merchy

Slowly refilling the store with new merch, hope you guys are into what I have in store!