Dropping exclusively on HutchLa.com at Midnight tonight (or September 3rd, whatever), is a little series called burgerheads! if youve followed my work before you might have seen the originals of these, it’s the 1st and probably ever time they will be available in garment form : )
as an added bonus to people who actually come onto my site, type in the discount code BURGERHEADS when you check out to get 20% off your order, good until this Sunday! happy ordering!

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Hats & hats hats & hats!

In order to christen my little snap back collection into the world, a few days ago I did a quick scavenger hunt in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Seeing as apparently my life revolves around eating (and mostly burgers/pizza), I picked some choice spots to hide some one off boxes I painted up that held a hat and a little note.
Los Angeles had my friends Pizzanista and The Oinkster involved, San Francisco was Super Duper Burger on Market and Blondies pizza, and New york hunters headed to Corner Bistro and Two Boots pizza. Was really fun interacting with people on Instagram when they found the packages.
Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and if you missed out and want to pick one up, theres a small stock available on HutchLa!

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new snap backs

Before these go up for sale at hutchla.com on Monday August 18th, I’ll be hiding a few around Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco on Sunday. Make sure to follow my instagram (@benjieescobar) to check for where they are on Sunday : )





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worst assistant ever.


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…and if you’re in S.F this weekend…..

Benny Gold is showing his glider series at his store in the mission, with the craziest line up of artists I shouldn’t even be mentioned with (but if you want to check mine out anyways, click on my portfolio link to the left…).
all info on the flyer, make sure to tag #benjieescobar if you snap a pic of mine!



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if you’re in San Diego for Comincon…..


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teenage aerosol

Over the weekend I helped a few high school kids learn to use aerosol paint on a mural outside of the DA center in downtown Pomona. It’s always great to help out, and instructing helps to communicate why to do things instead of just doing them. The mural will be finished up by local high school students and visit a few of the local schools.
A huge thank you to Andy Q and the DA staff for including me in something positive for the community that I grew up in.


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Becore Art Party

Got to display some new works at Becore’s Art party. Was fun to try some new experiments.
I’ve always been into Warhol’s take on screen printed art, it was fun to do my own version of it with the Mano de Hamburgesa and Mano de Pizza editions. I’ve always noticed a weird connection between the buddah hand image, salon nail window art and photos of people holding fast food, I couldnt think of a better way of linking them all together.
Also displayed some older prints and L.A Con Todo, a nod to my more commercial graphic design work. It felt a bit odd to execute this in acrylic on canvas instead of infront of a computer, as I tend to like painting a little looser.
All in all was a ton of fun and helped open up the door to more art.
I have some of these up at the shop, if you feel so inclined to own any of these ;)


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look ma, no computer.

There’s a weird part of my brain that always wants to go against whatever works best. It’s like i’m in permanent underdog mode or something.
This would have taken about 15 minutes to mock up on illustrator, bang out film, and send off to print. Something in my head kept whispering “tooo eaaaasy”, and I ended up drawing this all by hand directly onto film (and used some old letraset for the type on the bottom). It took a bit, and its pretty rough on certain spots, but I couldn’t be happier with the results. I know it’s odd to complain about digital things on a blog, but after being involved in graphic design for so long, I really treasure the moments when things have a hand feel. Theres something romantic to be about seeing the “error” of human hand in a career dominated by vectors and PSD files.
As an experiment with that mindset (and an unhealthy dose of depeche more), i’m happy to present this serigraph, entitled Everything Counts. Inspired by the DM single of the same name, it’s a 1 color print on 100# bright white paper, 18×24″, signed and numbered. Hand printed in East L.A at Buenas Vibras Design Club. If you’re interested in purchasing one, its available on my web shop.
Here are some obligatory BTS photos…



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practice practice practice.

Do you really want to be good at something? there’s one key component that talent/fame/looks/personality can’t get you passed.


You can’t get away from it.
Even the best talent in the world is useless without some real-world practice under their belt.
You will get burned. You will get angry. You will want to scream at the top of your lungs. You will be sorely under appreciated… but you will get REALLY good.

I honed a lot my skills making black and white flyers for friends and acquaintances. Quick, cheap, print out a copy on letter paper, get some photocopies made at a local shop, chop ‘em up and head off to promote. A DIY alternative to the glossy full color stuff. With all other trim and color variations stripped, you really had to focus on the design and information. It wasn’t always stuff I liked, not always art I was proud of (let’s be honest here, having taste doesn’t always mean being able to implement it easily and quickly), but it sped up my ability to go from a jumbled note of information to something visually pleasing in about 20 minutes, which is something I pride myself on to this day.

While old hard drive spelunking for files I found a few old files from 2004 and on that I had completely forgotten about. For as many of these as I had to bang out not many survived physically so it was nice to go through memory lane (or design hell, depending on how I want to remember it) and revisit these.






Apparently drips were my lifesaver, aye?

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