new print: beer goggles

New print up on the art & print shop!
Beer Goggles, Black and fluorescent Orange edition, 2014.
18 by 24 inch Serigraph, hand pulled by lil’ ol’ me.
Made in conjunction with Emporia Brewing in Ontario, California.

Pick one up here before they’re gone.

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I’ve wanted to make this as a shirt for about 7 years now, but never really knew how to.
I’m not the hugest Bob Dylan fan, but there was a still from the film Don’t Look Back, with him holding a sign with a crudely written “SUCKCESS” on it that suck with me all for a long time. At the time, I just thought it was a clever little quip, but over the years my reasoning for coming back to that image has evolved.
It’s really not for everyone, but something I finally got to make a tangible good (Screen printed by yours truly, to boot) that’s been on my list forever. If you are so inclined to purchase, you can do so Available here, and I hope your views on success evolve over time as well.

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Boxes of Death 5, Los Angeles recap

The Boxes of Death 5 show came through Los Angeles last night at The Chun, a very fitting venue for this show. Its now on its 4th and final stop in Seattle at the Piranha shop before all the coffins find their new owners and are put to rest. I made it out to see my piece hung next to some of my favorite artists, with some stand out pieces by Oliver hibert, Craig Wheat, Scott Fuller, and a bunch of other people i’m still in awe over.
You can get more info on the show at the official website, if you’re in Seattle dont miss out!



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Thanks to everyone who picked up a print from me, the 1st wave has left and is on it’s way to you.
Because i’ve ruined so many prints on my own, i’m packing these up with a nice white cotton glove to handle it with, and some instructions/FAQs about prints. Hope it helps! Also there are move available on my webshop, so if you’re thinking about picking one up, know it comes with extra goodies 😉

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fo’ sale

I’ve pruned, made over, and added some new stuff on my art & prints site.
you can check it here (or click on the print shop).
New things include my ART giclee’ print and my Anti Everything pin set. If you check my instagram I went into why the art print is important to me, and I FINALLY remade my anti yes/anti no pins. I added some extras (anti this, anti that, anti you) that I thought were fitting. I’ll be adding in more prints and small accessories so make sure to occasionally check. I promise you might actually like something.


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lucky donut art show

Last Thursday was the opening for, in my opinion, one of the most interesting group shows i’ve been in this year.
Melissa Chhan put together a donut art show at her family ran donut shop, Monterey Donuts, to celebrate being open for 20 years. There were quite a few local artists involved, and was a really fun turn out of artists, art lovers, and donut shop locals. You can see my piece for the show in my portfolio section.

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boxes of death vol. 5

Incredibly happy to announce I will be part of Boxes of Death 5 this year, with a slew of some of the top artists in the U.S.
Here’s a sneak peek of my coffin, based off of the classic ouija board look. My design has been burned in with laser, giving off a crazy contrast that I really love.
Hope to see you there, and make sure to check the Boxes of Death website for more info!



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NY state of mind!

I got to work on a great illustration for the good people at Staple and Shake Shack. If you’re unfamiliar, Staple runs ReedSpace, one of the most well respected streetwear shops in New York on top of being an awesome clothing brand in itself, and Shake Shack is constantly referred to as the In-n-Out of New York. Being really into food (and let’s face it, im really into burgers), I jumped at the chance to whip up a quick NY based illustration for this. You can see 30 Rock, the Flat Iron building, the Brooklyn Bridge and more iconic NY scenery topped with a Staple-fied statue of liberty.
For more info on sales, pieces and special menu items, make sure to follow Staple and Shakeshack on Instagram.



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I’m setting up an email list for all things art/design/product related, so if you’d like to keep up to date, sign up!

I’ll be sharing special discounts and products through this, so if you ever felt like buying something from me, it’s totes worth it.

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Dropping exclusively on at Midnight tonight (or September 3rd, whatever), is a little series called burgerheads! if youve followed my work before you might have seen the originals of these, it’s the 1st and probably ever time they will be available in garment form : )
as an added bonus to people who actually come onto my site, type in the discount code BURGERHEADS when you check out to get 20% off your order, good until this Sunday! happy ordering!

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